Yellow gold

Yellow gold

Gold is both the best known and most popular precious metal. Gold is associated with wealth, power, stability of value and beauty. Since pure gold is a very soft precious metal, it is rarely used for jewelry. Instead, gold alloys are used in jewelry making. Other materials, such as copper or silver, are added to the pure gold. This positively influences the color and material properties of gold.

The story of yellow gold

Gold is one of the first precious metals to be processed by humans. In many cultures around the world, gold is used for special ritual objects and jewelry due to its rarity, immortality and weight. The oldest known gold find comes from Bulgaria: golden objects around 6,500 years old were found in a burial ground there. Further discoveries have shown that the precious metal was previously processed into many things such as vases, dishes or coins.

Yellow gold at Yorxs

To match the diamond, Yorxs only offers you yellow gold from the two highest standard quality classes. For rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces you can choose between 585 and 750 yellow gold. Yorxs offers you the surfaces in polished and matt. 900 yellow gold is rarer in jewelry making because the material becomes quite soft and scratches and impact marks appear very quickly. This gives a good patina, but is not appreciated by many jewelry lovers. Therefore, Yorxs only offers this alloy upon request.

The mixture determines the color

Yellow gold is a gold alloy in which copper and silver are added to pure gold. As a rule, the ratio of copper to silver is 1:1. The yellow gold alloys, on the one hand, retain the natural yellow color of the gold and, on the other hand, make it easier or enable them to be processed into jewelry. The yellow gold color is influenced by the amount of gold. The higher the proportion of gold, the stronger the yellowish color. In Germany, a material may only be stamped as “yellow gold” if the gold content is at least 33% (333 gold 8K). In other countries the limit is even 37.5% or 58.5%. Karat is the traditional unit of measurement for the purity of gold jewelry. 24 carats correspond to a gold content of 100%. 1 carat therefore corresponds to a gold content of 4.167%. The 750 yellow gold has a pure gold content of 75% and corresponds to 18 carats (0.75*24).

585 yellow gold 14 K

585 yellow gold is a classic material for elegant pieces of jewelry. The yellow gold alloy meets high standards of hardness and tarnishing resistance. Due to its slightly lower gold content, it has a slightly more subtle color than an 18 carat alloy.

750 yellow gold 18 K

Stronger in color, slightly softer: with its high gold content, 750 yellow gold is the even more valuable “big brother” of 585 yellow gold. Pieces of jewelry made of 18-carat gold are characterized by an intensely bright gold tone. The patina inherent in 18K yellow gold gives your piece of jewelry a very special charm even after many years of wear.

Find your diamond jewelry in yellow gold

Custom-made: In combination with white gold

Yorxs offers you the option to choose a combination setting of yellow and white gold. In this special model, a white gold setting is attached to the ring head on a yellow gold ring band. This combination is particularly popular because the white gold setting does not produce any color reflections in the diamond. This combination is suitable for the prong setting and the frame setting.

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