Color | The 4 criteria for the color of a diamond

Color is one of the most frequently mentioned criteria for diamonds, the 4 Cs (Color, Clarity Cut and Carat) . The color of a diamond provides information about how colorless or “white” a diamond is. The more colorless (“white”) a diamond is, the higher it is, and the more yellow, the lower its color classification. The exception to this rule are the so-called fancy colored diamonds, i.e. colored diamonds that shine in all the colors of the rainbow.

Learn more about the color in the official GIA video (currently only available in English).

Colors of Diamonds (Fancy Colored Diamonds)

Diamonds color - graduation

Color grade is measured in letters starting with D, the best quality, to Z, the worst. Diamonds certified as D are completely colorless and are the most valuable “white” diamonds. Diamonds with a color grade of D to H appear colorless to the observer. Differences from one color grade to the next are only very slight and, to the untrained eye, are often only visible in direct comparison or in front of a white sheet of paper. For stones with a grade I or J, the coloring can be seen with a trained eye and, depending on the cut and setting, even without appropriate aids. In order to evaluate the stones, so-called “masterstones” are used, i.e. sample stones, which can be used to compare the exact color. The lowest color grade for diamonds is Z. Diamonds certified as such appear yellowish or brownish. However, they do not belong to the class of fancy colored diamonds. Only yellow or brown diamonds that have a stronger color than Z diamonds are classified as fancy.

Overview of color grades

An overview of the common color grades of diamonds. At Yorxs we trade all diamond colors because they are all part of our earth's natural treasures.

  • Color grade D
  • Color grade E
  • Color grade F
  • Color grade G
  • Color grade I
  • Color grade J
  • Color grade K - Z

Color grade D - Absolutely colorless

Very fine white

D is the highest color grade that can be purchased. Color quality D is only awarded to exceptionally rare diamonds.

Color grade E - Colorless

Very fine white

As with diamonds with quality D, the color grade E is only awarded to exceptionally rare diamonds. Only a trained and experienced gemologist can identify the slightest traces of coloring. This color grade is therefore considered to be colorless.

Color grade F - Colorless

Fine white

The color grade F is considered colorless because the faint tint can only be identified by an experienced gemologist.

Color grade G - Almost colorless

Fine white

The highest of the “almost colorless” color grades. Such a diamond only shows its color to the naked eye when it is directly compared with stones of better color grades. This color grade gives the best value for money.

Color grade H - Almost colorless


An “almost colorless” color grade. Coloring is only visible in direct comparison with other diamonds of higher color qualities. This color grade also offers excellent value for money.

Color grade I - Almost colorless

Slightly tinted white

One of the lowest color grades of “almost colorless” diamonds. Coloration is only visible upon close examination and in direct comparison with diamonds of color H or higher. Such a stone offers exceptional value for money.

Color grade J - Almost colorless

Slightly tinted white

Coloring is faintly visible to the naked eye. Such a diamond still looks very beautiful and also offers an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Find diamonds color grade K - Z - Tinted

A clear color is visible. The diamonds represent an extremely interesting range of wear. We would be happy to advise you on this interesting topic and the impact of the attractive varieties.

Color DE

The highest color qualities in diamonds.

Color F - H

The best value for money.

Color I - J

The best combination with yellow gold.

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