Yorxs - General information

1. What is Yorxs?

Yorxs is the leading online specialist for diamonds and diamond jewelry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We offer you a selection of over 150,000 pre-selected diamonds, individually crafted diamond jewelry of the best quality as well as extensive advice and information about diamonds and jewelry. We believe that only an informed purchase decision is a good purchase decision.

Best prices, highest quality and personal service - that's Yorxs.

2. Which people and philosophy are behind Yorxs?

Behind Yorxs is a young but experienced and dynamic team of diamond enthusiasts, jewelry experts and gemologists who want to share their joy of diamonds with their customers. We are taking a new and innovative path in the high-quality jewelry market. We consciously distance ourselves from traditional jewelers and their non-cooperative business models, as well as from online jewelers who largely leave their customers alone when choosing the right piece of jewelry at the right price. We believe that fewer and fewer people who are looking for quality and individuality are satisfied with prefabricated standard goods. It is important to us that you receive transparent and independent information and advice. The extensive specialist area offers you the opportunity to find out everything about diamonds and diamond jewelry. We would also be happy if we could be there for you personally to answer your questions. We are available to you Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. by telephone (free number: 0800 888 0770 ), from abroad on +49 (0) 89 339 80 25 – 0 .

and available via live chat. You also have the option of sending us an email at any time with your concerns to service@yorxs.de. Our experts will be happy to assist you. The Yorxs team of experts is led by Casimir Graf Maltzan, one of our two founders, board member and diamond expert. The continuous desire to improve our service and our website drives us. Behind this is also the wealth of ideas of Dr. Joachim Giehl, founder and board member of Yorxs.

3. Where does the name “Yorxs” come from?

The name Yorxs comes from the ancient Greek “georgos” (today Georg, York, Yorck), which is made up of “geo” (earth) and “ergo” (work or farmer). Diamonds are formed deep within the Earth and are then transported to the Earth's surface by liquid lava. Diamonds are therefore the most beautiful and rarest fruits on earth.

4. How does Yorxs guarantee me absolute security?

Insured shipping, buyer-protected payment methods and a voluntary right of withdrawal up to 100 days guarantee you absolute security with your Yorxs purchase. Yorxs only sells certified diamonds so that you have an independent, neutral assessment of the diamond. The value of a diamond is determined by a certificate from an internationally recognized institute. You will receive such a certificate with every solitaire stone. The value is also objectively ensured during resale. Yorxs is your trustworthy partner when purchasing diamonds and real jewelry.

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5. What advantages does Yorxs offer me compared to traditional jewelers?

Yorxs offers a much larger selection of diamonds than would be possible at a traditional jeweler. Since the stones are not in our vault, our team of experts provides completely independent and unbiased advice when it comes to choosing the right diamond for you. Comprehensive information and complete transparency allow you to choose the perfect diamond. Our services, such as free ring resizing and a voluntary 100-day right of withdrawal on diamond jewelry, are almost never available from traditional jewelers. Thanks to our lean business model that excludes middlemen, Yorxs is also able to offer prices that are significantly lower than those of the classic jeweler without any restrictions on quality.

Yorx's pricing and business model

1. How can Yorxs offer diamonds up to 70% cheaper than the classic jeweler?

Actually it's quite simple. Yorxs:

  • sources the diamonds directly from the world's largest diamond dealers without the usual middlemen
  • only has a very small inventory of goods in stock, as almost all pieces of jewelry are made individually after the order is received
  • This means that capital costs are low
  • has no fixed costs due to expensive shop rent in a representative location
  • does not have high security and insurance costs
  • does not spend money on emotion-based luxury marketing, but grows organically through recommendations from satisfied customers.

The wholesale price reductions are passed on directly to you.

More about the price advantage

2. What is the Yorxs Best Price Guarantee?

Yorxs is confident that we offer you the best diamond prices on the market. Hence our promise: If, contrary to expectations, you find the same diamond cheaper from another provider, we will beat this price by 1% or a maximum of 50 euros. This guarantee applies to offers with comparable conditions.

3. Are prices negotiable at Yorxs?

Prices at Yorxs are non-negotiable. Yorxs pursues a permanent low price business policy. Yorx's customers get the best product at the best price.

4. Does Yorxs have physical stores?

Yorxs is a purely online shop and has no physical stores. This saves high fixed costs for running stores, so we can offer you diamonds and diamond jewelry at top prices. However, we will be opening a showroom in the heart of Munich in the near future. Here you have the opportunity to receive personal advice, take a look at sample models and stones and collect your order.

5. How do the price differences for diamonds with the same characteristics come about?

Yorxs does not level diamond prices. This means that cheaper purchase prices for the diamonds are passed on directly to you, the buyer. The purchase prices, in turn, can vary depending on the wholesaler’s respective situation. For example, liquidity bottlenecks can result in one of our partners selling a diamond quickly and cheaply. You can benefit from this at Yorxs.

6. What does the retail price and the deviation from the retail price mean in the diamond search?

The Retail Benchmark Price is a value provided by IDEX, a globally respected provider of diamond price information. Since the German retail price is usually a good deal higher than the global price, the retail price in Germany is higher than that stated on our website. The deviation is still a good indicator of how cheap a diamond is comparatively.


1. How do I determine my ring size?

To determine the ring size, download our ring size chart as a PDF file and follow the instructions described in the PDF.

2. Can I have the ring size changed later?

Yorxs offers free ring resizing for the first 100 days after purchasing a ring. The ring will be picked up from you, changed within a week and then sent back to your delivery address.

Ring size adjustment

3. What is the process for ring size adjustment?

To initiate the ring size adjustment, please contact our team of experts by email (service@yorxs.de) . We will then arrange for your ring to be picked up from you for resizing. Your ring will be delivered to your doorstep within a week.

4. Does every Yorxs ring have a 0.01 carat diamond and the logo on the inner band of the ring?

Each Yorxs solitaire ring has a rubbed 0.01 ct diamond and the Yorxs symbol on the inside of the ring. However, this can also be omitted if explicitly requested.


1. How do the configurators work?

Yorxs offers you the opportunity to configure diamond rings, earrings and pendants. For example, filter our offer by material and diamond shape and choose the setting that you like. For rings, determine the ring size and optionally personalize your ring with an engraving. You then select a suitable diamond or pair of diamonds for your setting.

New at Yorxs!

We offer you the opportunity to buy pre-configured jewelry. Our experts have put together diamond classes for you that are ideal for your future diamond jewelry. The selected diamond meets defined minimum criteria defined in the diamond class. Our diamond experts select the best diamond for your ring, earring or pendant in detail. It's that easy to get your radiant diamond in your desired setting.

2. What materials (precious metals) does Yorxs offer?

Yorxs offers you a wide range of materials for your jewelry. The range includes: 950 platinum, 750 yellow gold (18K), 585 yellow gold (14K), 750 white gold (18K), 585 white gold (14K), as well as 750 red gold (18K) and 585 red gold (14K).

3. What surfaces does Yorxs offer?

Yorxs offers you the choice between different surfaces of the precious metals: polished, matt or black rhodium-plated. There are other surfaces available for wedding rings. If you would like this for your configurable or pre-configured piece of jewelry, you can arrange this as a custom order with our team of experts. You can reach us Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. by telephone on 0800 888 0770 or from abroad (or landline) on +49 (0) 89 339 80 25 – 0 . You are also welcome to send us an email to (service@yorxs.de) .

4. Is it possible to implement your own designs or adaptations to existing designs?

We would be happy to create your own designs or requests for changes to existing models. To do this, contact our team of experts by telephone (free number: 0800 888 0770 , from abroad (or landline): +49 (0) 89 339 80 25 – 0 ) or by email (service@yorxs.de) . We would be happy to turn your ideas into reality.

5. Can I get ring settings in two different materials (e.g. setting in yellow gold and prongs in white gold)?

This is basically possible. Inform our team of experts about your request and please note that there may be delays in delivery times. Contact our team of experts by telephone (free number: 0800 888 0770 , from abroad (or landline): +49 (0) 89 339 80 25 – 0 or by email (service@yorxs.de)

6. The carat weight of the diamond I selected is too large for my selected setting. Is it possible to adjust the design to a higher carat weight?

These adjustments are basically possible. Please let our team of experts know your request and they will be happy to implement it. You can contact us by telephone on 0800 8880770 or from abroad (or landline) on +49 (0) 89 339 80 25 – 0 or by email (service@yorxs.de) using the keyword custom-made products. Please note that these adjustments usually lead to longer delivery times and possibly higher prices due to the higher gold weight.

7. Is it possible to engrave my Yorxs jewelry?

Yorxs offers you engraving for rings. For pre-configured and configurable rings, you have the option to add engraving in the same step as choosing the appropriate ring size. For rings from our collection, you can enter the engraving in the “Message to Yorxs” message field during the ordering process. We recommend that you limit engraving to 24 characters. If you would like to engrave additional pieces of jewelry, please contact our team of experts who will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice.

8. How do I care for my piece of jewelry?

To ensure that your diamond shines as it did in the beginning, we recommend that you keep your piece of jewelry free of dirt. To clean, you can use products specifically designed for this purpose, glass cleaner or water and detergent solution. For a detailed description of how to properly care for and store your piece of jewelry, click on the link below.

9. Can I also purchase a single setting (without diamonds) from Yorxs?

You can also purchase a single frame from Yorxs. Since this is currently not possible on the website, please contact our team of experts by telephone on 0800 8880770 or from abroad (or landline) on +49 (0) 89 339 80 25 – 0 – 0 or by email Email (service@yorxs.de)


1. What do I have to pay attention to when buying diamonds?

When buying diamonds, you should, among other things, make sure that the diamond is accompanied by an original certificate from a recognized testing institute. We recommend that you look at the diamond certificates when selecting the diamond.

2. How can I be sure I get the stone I ordered from Yorxs?

Every stone that Yorxs offers comes with a certificate. This certificate can be used to clearly identify the diamond and ensure its authenticity. Most of the diamonds offered at Yorxs also have the certificate number laser inscribed on the girdle. This can be checked under 10x, or even more easily, 20x magnification. Each original certificate and each certification number is unique.

3. What do I need to know about the diamond certificate?

A certificate is an assessment of the diamond prepared by independent testing laboratories. The certificate contains an objective evaluation of the diamond criteria and thus indirectly determines the value of the diamond. Not all testing laboratories are equally recognized, so Yorxs only offers diamonds that are certified by the most recognized laboratories.

4. What is laser engraving (inscription) and do all Yorxs diamonds have laser engraving?

Almost all diamonds certified by GIA, but also diamonds certified by IGI and HRD, have a laser engraving of the certificate number, the so-called "laser inscription", in the girdle. This is not visible to the naked eye and can only be seen with a trained eye under 10x magnification. You can see whether a diamond has such a laser engraving in the respective certificate. GIA certificates usually say “Laser Inscription” in the first line followed by the certification number. The same applies to HRD and IGI. However, colored diamonds or diamonds with a high carat weight are less likely to have such a laser inscription as they are easier to identify anyway.

5. Is the origin of Yorxs diamonds ethical?

Yorxs has a zero-tolerance policy towards diamonds from conflict zones. The Kimberley Process ensures that only diamonds are sold whose path from the mine to the end customer can be traced. Yorxs strictly adheres to the Kimberley Process.

6. What is the meaning of the “4 C’s” and are there other characteristics that should be taken into account?

The “4 C’s” are the best known and most important diamond criteria. When buying a diamond, you should pay particular attention to cut, color, clarity and carat.

Advanced criteria are the following:

  • Fluorescence, polish & symmetry as well as the proportions of a diamond.
  • The proportions of the diamond are in turn determined by the depth, the table, the girdle and culet.
  • And don’t forget our fifth “C” – for Confidence. Trust in the test certificate or the issuing certification institute (GIA, HRD, AGS or IGI) is an important factor.

7. Can I view the diamond before I buy it?

Yorxs only has a few diamonds in stock. It is therefore not possible to view most diamonds in person before ordering. However, for some colorless diamonds we also have 3D photographs that enable an exact optical assessment. For all other colorless diamonds, however, you can rely on the certificates that are so important. For colored diamonds, but also for an increasing number of colorless diamonds, original photos of the diamond are stored in the “Original photos” tab on the detail page. For colorless diamonds and colored diamonds for which no photos are provided, our team of experts will be happy to request photos of the diamond from the respective wholesaler if this is necessary (especially for SI2 stones due to the location of the inclusions).

8. Are diamonds suitable as an investment?

Diamonds have always been valuable and stable in value. They are therefore particularly suitable for securing assets or as diversification in a portfolio. In general, GIA (and also HRD) certified diamonds are the easiest to resell.

9. Does Yorxs also buy diamonds?

Yorxs is not currently purchasing diamonds. We are working on being able to offer you this service in the future.

10. Does Yorxs offer a diamond upgrade program?

Yorxs does not currently offer an upgrade program. We are currently working on offering you this option in the future.

Right of withdrawal

1. Does the right of withdrawal also apply to configured jewelry? How long can I exchange or return a product?

The voluntary right of withdrawal for diamond jewelry naturally applies and in particular to the pieces of jewelry you have configured and is active for 100 days.

2. I would like to exercise my right of withdrawal. How should I proceed now?

In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform us in writing (email to (service@yorxs.de) is sufficient). You are also welcome to use the form enclosed with the order confirmation. Our logistics partner will then contact you to arrange a pickup date. Once Yorxs has received and verified your order, you will be refunded the purchase price.

Your Order

1. Can I reserve products in the shopping cart?

Yorxs products cannot be reserved in the shopping cart. This is particularly because the diamonds are available from international wholesalers and are therefore sold worldwide. If you would like to reserve a product, please contact our team of experts, who will be happy to arrange for the stone to be reserved for a short period of time. Please note that Yorxs does not guarantee that a reservation is possible for every stone.

2. Why can I no longer find a diamond from my shopping cart in the diamond search of the configurator?

Once you have placed a single stone in your shopping cart, you can no longer select it in one of the configurators because it automatically disappears from the configurator's diamond search. Therefore, remove individual stones from the shopping cart if you want to configure this stone with a setting and then start the respective configurator.

3. I cannot place my order online. Are there alternative ordering options?

If you have problems placing your order online, it is also possible to place your order by telephone on 0800 8880770 or from abroad (or landline) on +49 (0) 89 339 80 25 – 0 or by email ( service@yorxs.de) . Please send us the following information: article number of the diamond and, if applicable, the article number or the name of the setting as well as your contact details (name, email, telephone, billing and delivery address).

4. Can I change my order later?

If you subsequently notice an error in your order, please inform our team of experts (Tel: 0800 8880770 or from abroad (or landline): +49 (0) 89 339 80 25 – 0; E-Mail:(service@yorxs.de) please immediately. Please note that you cannot change the delivery address and billing address in your customer account for current orders, but only for future orders.

5. What is the order process after I have successfully completed the purchase?

After receipt of the order and payment, you will receive an order confirmation and payment confirmation by email. Your diamond will be requested from the wholesaler and the production of your chosen setting will begin. As soon as the diamond arrives and the setting is completed, the setting takes place. A final quality control is carried out before shipping. On the same evening you will receive an email confirming shipping. Delivery takes place the next day.


1. How long is the delivery time?

For each product, a maximum delivery time in working days is shown on the detail page (below the price). This is a guideline value that can also be lower. Delivery times vary depending on the product and the location of the wholesaler where the selected diamond is located. Since each piece of jewelry is made individually for you, delivery times can be up to three weeks. We are continuously working to shorten delivery times without having to accept any loss of product quality.

2. I need my order by a certain date. How can I be sure I receive my order on time?

If you prefer a fixed date for the delivery of your goods, we ask you to send us this information. You can contact our team of experts in advance by telephone (on 0800 8880770 or from abroad (or landline) +49 (0) 89 339 80 25 – 0 ) or by email (service@yorxs.de) . Alternatively, you can let us know the date in the “Message to Yorxs” input field when placing your order. Please note the stated delivery times for the products. If there are any difficulties in meeting this deadline, one of our team of experts will contact you immediately.

3. Is there a way to reduce delivery time?

The delivery times stated on the product pages are to be understood as guidelines for the typical delivery period for your selected product. However, it is often possible for us to reduce the stated delivery times. If you need an order by a specific date, contact our team of experts who will be happy to try to shorten your delivery time.

4. How much does shipping cost?

Orders from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are shipped to you free of charge and insured. Costs may apply for shipping to other countries. Please contact our team of experts (service@yorxs.de) , who will be happy to provide you with information about the respective shipping costs.

5. Can I also buy jewelry from Yorxs from abroad?

Yes, you can of course also order from abroad at Yorxs. Depending on where the delivery address is, we cannot always guarantee free shipping, so additional shipping costs may apply. Please contact us for detailed information.

We deliver to the following EU countries as well as Switzerland and the USA:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, France, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Czech Republic, USA, Denmark

BIf your country is not listed, please contact us: by telephone on 0800 8880770 or from abroad +49 (0) 89 339 80 25 – 0 or by email (service@yorxs.de)

6. How will my order be packaged?

Your diamond jewelry is always packaged in an elegant, purple and silky shimmering jewelry box. Loose colored and colorless diamonds are delivered in a blister pack or a clear safety box. We would also be happy to include a gift card with a personal message with your order. You can enter your personal message in the “Message to Yorxs” input field during the ordering process. The outer packaging of the order is discreet so that the contents of the order cannot be seen from the outside.

7. Can the delivery address and billing address be different?

The delivery address and billing address may differ from each other. You can select this option during the ordering process.

8. Is the shipping of my order insured?

Yorxs delivers every order insured and free of charge.

9. Can I collect my order from Yorxs?

YYou are welcome to receive your purchased diamond or piece of jewelry in our business premises in the heart of Munich. We ask you to make an appointment in advance to pick up your order. To make arrangements, contact our team of experts by telephone on 0800 8880770 or from abroad (or landline) on +49 (0) 89 339 80 25 – 0 or by email (service@yorxs.de)

Payment option

1. What payment methods does Yorxs offer?

Yorxs attaches great importance to comfortable and safe shopping. We offer Paypal, credit card, advance payment and instant bank transfer as payment methods. Every payment transaction takes place on SSL encrypted sites, so your purchase is secure.

2. How does installment purchase work?

Simply add your desired piece of jewelry or diamond to the shopping cart and checkout. For the payment methods, select “Instalment purchase” and then decide whether to finance the entire amount or a partial amount. To finance a partial amount, transfer the difference (i.e. your deposit amount) to us immediately after receiving your order confirmation so that the order can be accepted.

If you click on “Buy now” you will be redirected to our partner Payever/Santander. Enter the required data in the online form.

In order to finally complete the application, our partner bank Santander needs confirmation of your identification from you. You can complete this either using the classic PostIdent procedure or conveniently from your computer via WebID. With this procedure, you can authenticate yourself within a few minutes via video telephony. As with PostIdent, you will need your ID card or passport.

3. What requirements must be met so that I can use installment purchase?

  • coming of age
  • Main residence in Germany
  • Access to a checking account at a bank in Germany
  • Regular income
  • Possession of a valid identity card or passport with registration certificate

4. Can I finance multiple items?

Yes, you can finance your entire shopping cart.

5. Can I only finance part of the purchase price and pay the other part directly?

YYes, that is possible. To do this, first select “Instalment purchase” from the payment methods and then the “Partial financing with down payment” option. Enter the amount you would like to pay down (only full amounts possible, e.g. 300 or 500) and click on “Buy now”. You will automatically be redirected to the financing application where your deposit will be deducted from the total amount.

After completing the online financing application, please transfer your deposit amount immediately so that we can process your order.

6. Can I revoke the installment purchase application?

You can revoke the application within 14 days of completion.

7. Can the delivery address and billing address be different?

The delivery address and billing address may differ from each other. You can select this option during the ordering process.

7. Can the delivery address and billing address be different?

The delivery address and billing address may differ from each other. You can select this option during the ordering process.

8. What happens to my installment purchase contract if I want to return my piece of jewelry?

If your purchase contract with Yorxs is revoked, the installment purchase contract is automatically void.

9. My financing application was rejected – what now?

Our partner bank Santander reserves the right to reject installment purchase applications. Please understand that we have no influence on this decision.

You are welcome to complete your purchase using another payment method.

Vouchers & newsletters

1. How long is my purchased voucher valid?

The Yorxs gift voucher does not expire and can therefore be used at any time.

2. How can I subscribe to or unsubscribe from the newsletter?

To register for the newsletter, click on “Subscribe to newsletter”. To unsubscribe from the newsletter, click “Unsubscribe from newsletter”.

Our team is there for you!

Dear website visitors and customers, do you have any questions, requests or suggestions? Please call us (Tel.: 0800 8880770)

You are also welcome to contact us at our email address (service@yorxs.de) .

We are available for you from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Talk to us - we are always happy to help you.