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Loose diamonds

1. Order confirmation & payment confirmation

Once you have successfully completed your order with Yorxs, you will receive an order confirmation by email. You will of course also be informed about receipt of payment. Your order will now be processed by our production department.

2. Request diamond

The diamond is requested from the sightholder and usually sent to Yorxs within a few days. In rare cases, even though your diamond has been marked as guaranteed available by the Sightholder, it may not be available. If such a case occurs, Yorxs will contact you immediately, discuss how to proceed and provide you with one or more alternative stones to choose from.

If a diamond has been added to our pre-sorted data list that does not meet the strict Yorxs criteria and you have purchased this particular diamond via the shopping cart, then we will write to you with a detailed, very understandable, improved offer. Your advantage, we look after you and you only ever receive a really good diamond!

3. Quality control

When the diamond arrives, it will be checked by our diamond appraisers and shipped to your delivery address on the same day. On the evening of the shipping day, you will receive an email informing you that your order has been shipped, including the tracking code. You can receive your diamond on the next working day (Germany and Austria). Deliveries to Switzerland or non-EU countries usually take a day longer because the goods have to pass the relevant foreign customs control.

Pre-configured diamond jewelry

Pre-configured diamond jewelry consists of a setting and a loose diamond. You determine the shape, carat, price and quality. The Yorxs team of experts takes care of the details! Based on your chosen requirements, Yorxs will select the best diamond for you. The process of ordering the loose diamond is the same as the ordering process for loose diamonds.

1. Order confirmation & payment confirmation

After successful receipt of payment by Yorxs, the most suitable diamond will be selected and requested from the sightholder. Once the diamond has been confirmed, the production of your selected setting will be commissioned.

2. Quality control & setting (combine diamond and setting)

As soon as our workshop has made the setting, the loose diamond is checked in combination with the setting. Our workshop then sets the diamond and the piece of jewelry receives a very elaborate final finish!

3. Final inspection

Before shipping, the set piece of jewelry is subject to a final inspection by Ms. Müller or Mr. Nutt. Only when the final quality control has been positive will the trip to your desired delivery address be arranged. Your selected diamond jewelry will be packaged together with the diamond certificate and a personal greeting. On the day of shipping, you will receive a separate email containing details about the shipment, such as the tracking number. As a rule, you will receive your diamond or diamond jewelry in your hands the next working day. A delay may occur if the shipment has to pass through foreign customs control.

Configured diamond jewelry

The configured pieces of jewelry at Yorxs consist of a diamond of your choice and a setting. You can choose the diamond, the centerpiece of your piece of jewelry, from over 250,000 cut diamonds. The process for ordering the diamond corresponds to the ordering of a loose diamond described above.

1. Order confirmation & payment confirmation

As soon as payment has been received by Yorxs and the diamond has been confirmed, the production of the setting you have chosen will begin at Yorxs' own jewelry factory.

2. Quality control & setting (combine diamond and setting)

When the diamond has arrived and the setting has been completed in our Yorxs jewelry factory in Munich, both parts are subjected to another check or strict quality control. Only then does the next step take place: setting in our own Munich gemstone setting studio, guaranteed undamaged and proof of mix-ups!

3. Final inspection

The finished product is subjected to a final inspection by Ms. Müller or Mr. Nutt, lovingly packed in one of our elegant jewelry boxes and prepared for shipping together with a certificate and, if necessary, jewelry expertise and invoice. You will be informed by email that your order has been dispatched that same evening and your piece of diamond jewelry will usually be delivered to your door the next day.

Diamond set jewelry / ready-made jewelry / express jewelry

Of course, Yorxs offers ready-made pieces of jewelry for sale. Our Munich Yorxs jewelry factory has already produced this diamond jewelry. Which we exhibit in our Munich Yorxs jewelry store Ralf H. Nutt, in the Dallmayr House, on Dienerstraße 12, in 80331 Munich. This means we can guarantee fast shipping directly to your desired delivery address. Visit us, take a look around, we will be happy to answer your questions. Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful diamond jewelry gems. Or look at the loose diamonds that are still touched, so you can quickly understand the differences in size, color, clarity and cut quality. Ms. Müller and Mr. Nutt look forward to your visit.

1. Order confirmation & payment confirmation

If your order or payment has been received successfully, you will receive an order confirmation and payment confirmation via email.

2. Request diamond jewelry

As soon as payment has been received, your diamond jewelry will be requested from our partners.

3. Quality control

Before your diamond jewelry is prepared for shipping, it is subject to strict quality control by our specialists. After successful verification, your shipment will be dispatched on the same day and you will receive a shipping confirmation via email. As a rule, you can receive your piece of jewelry in person on the next working day.

Delivery times for diamonds and diamond jewelry


The delivery time for loose diamonds (colorless and colored diamonds) varies between 3 and 12 working days depending on the storage location. The diamonds offered in the Yorxs online shop are not in our warehouse, but at international sightholders in the diamond centers of the world (India, Belgium, Israel, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore). Public holidays in the respective countries can also affect the delivery time.

Our database is updated at regular intervals so that diamond information, as well as certificate views and, in some cases, original photos of the diamonds stored there, are available for you to access. Given the amount of data and flood of information, Yorxs already takes on the role of an advisor and directly filters out diamonds that do not meet our strict quality requirements. Yorxs offers you diamonds of the highest quality for purchase.

Diamond jewelry

Our jewelry is made individually for your order. Therefore, depending on the product and material selection, the delivery time is currently between 14 and 21 working days. We are continually working to shorten delivery times without having to compromise on quality.

Tax Free - Documents

Tax-free documents are only included with your shipment if you have requested them in advance with the appropriate billing address. Please contact our service team here.

This is how your shipment is sent with Yorxs!

Depending on the delivery address and value of the goods, Yorxs ships with our insured valuables courier service or with Fedex. It is important to us that your shipment is received personally. We only ship with the “Value Pack” option with personal acceptance. This means that you should have your ID ready when the shipment is delivered so that your identity can be verified. You can also determine the delivery day of your shipment and inform us when you want to hold your diamond or diamond jewelry in your hands. We do everything we can to fulfill your wish. Please note the delivery time of our products.

Find out more about shipping on our separate information page.

Shipping at Yorxs
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