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The ring doesn't fit perfectly? We help easily

Not all customers who want to surprise someone with a fine ring know exactly the correct ring size for the person they are giving the gift to. What is your advantage at Yorxs?

Your advantage at Yorxs

Anyone who chooses the Yorxs offer does not take any risk in such a case, because we offer a one-off, free ring size adjustment for all rings purchased from us within the last 100 days. Only fully included eternity rings are excluded from this offer as their size cannot be changed.

Contact us - phone or email

If you notice after purchasing that the new ring is too big or too small, you should contact our service team immediately by phone on 0800 888 0770 or by email (service@yorxs.de) . One of our employees will organize the collection of the ring to be changed by the logistics partner DHL. The specific pickup date will be agreed with you. Yorxs will cover the costs for insured returns and ring resizing if you place the order within 100 days of purchase.

Which ring size?

A ring fits comfortably when it is just wide enough to be pulled off over the knuckle without difficulty and, on the other hand, fits so tightly that it does not accidentally slip off the finger. If possible, measure the size in the evening when your fingers are warm. Or observe which rings your loved one is wearing on which finger and then secretly measure the corresponding ring once it has been taken off.

How to determine the correct ring size.

Determine ring size The correct ring size

What you should know about ring size changes

Most rings can be sized in both directions, so the rings can be made narrower or widened. There are restrictions on rings with side stones; these can only be changed slightly. Fully encompassed eternity rings cannot be adjusted in size. Once we have received the ring, it will be processed according to your wishes using laser welding machines. Modern technology ensures that neither the stones nor the rail heat up too much. First, the ring is opened with a fine saw or laser and then a piece of the material is removed or added. The ends are then welded together again with the laser, the seam is polished with fine brushes and three different grinding pastes until the surface shines again. The ring is placed on the ring bar and carefully worked on to forge the ring band on the inside completely round again. The seam is no longer visible at the end. A reduction in size is usually a little easier to achieve because only one seam is required.

What happens to engravings?

Of course, the size of engraved rings can also be adjusted. If greater adjustments are required, the engraving may need to be renewed. We would charge you the costs for this. Please note that when reducing the size of a ring with a relatively long engraving, there must still be enough space. Our recommendation for the number of characters for an average ring size (54) is a maximum of 24 characters - it will be easier to read if you can keep it even shorter.

More about engraving

Another advantage! We guarantee short processing times

We want you to be satisfied and will process your order as quickly as possible. The entire ring resizing process can take up to a week (including collection and delivery back to you). If the ring has been thoroughly cleaned after changing the ring size and shines back to its original shine, we will notify you immediately and send the ring back via value pack with DHL or Fedex, so that you can usually receive your now optimally fitting piece of jewelry the next day.