The shimmering gray-white material, known as platinum, is particularly suitable for diamond jewelry. The precious metal brings out the sparkle, fire and brilliance of the gemstone to its best advantage. Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold and therefore significantly more valuable. However, this is put into perspective today by the high demand for gold in the international market and the resulting sharp rise in gold prices. In addition, mining the precious metal is particularly complex: a full 10 tons of rock have to be mined for one ounce (31g) of platinum - 3 tons for one ounce of gold. In combination with a wonderful diamond, platinum is a superlative and is highly valued by its wearers.

The story of platinum

The term “platinum” can be traced back to the Spanish term “Platina”: “little silver”. This trivialization is emblematic of the lack of appreciation that the precious metal has received for many centuries. For the first time in 3000 BC Found and processed in Egypt in the 1st century BC, the rare metal was overshadowed by its yellow brother, gold, for many centuries. It was only when its composition was studied in the nineteenth century that platinum was given the place it deserved in the precious metal family. Today, platinum is in great demand as a noble and highly durable material for jewelry making.

Profile: Platinum

  • The most durable among the precious metals
  • No natural acid can damage platinum
  • No natural flame can melt platinum
  • Melting point: 1,768°C
  • Heavier than gold and silver
  • 5g platinum = 10 km of wire
  • Extremely flexible
  • Lowest conductivity for heat and electricity
  • Lowest thermal expansion
  • No discoloration in its natural state
  • Allergen-free and does not cause skin reactions
  • No loss of material through daily use

Platinum at Yorxs

As one of the most exclusive and rarest precious metals, platinum is a natural partner to diamonds - and should not be missing from the Yorxs range. The color and texture of the metal ideally highlight the so-called “fire” of a diamond. If a platinum ring is worn regularly, it creates a unique, silky, matt shimmer, the so-called patina. If you prefer the shine of the newly forged piece of jewelry, this can easily be restored by polishing.
Yorxs provides you with platinum with a classic polished surface . Custom-made products with a matt surface are possible upon request.

Platinum for jewelry

  • Purity content 95%
  • Supplemented with palladium, iridium or ruthenium to increase the hardness
  • Stamps “Pt” or “Plat”, usually with the information 950 or 960

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