Custom made

Custom made

Own design

Yorxs offers you a wide range of different jewelry designs, but if you want your own design or you haven't found a design you like in the online shop, we will be happy to make your own model for you. Just send us your ideas and we will work with you to create the piece of jewelry you want.

Note: Please note that we can, but do not have to, take back custom-made products that were created specifically according to your wishes. Find out more about our voluntary 100-day right of withdrawal.

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From the idea to the finished design

Send a picture, drawing or link to Yorxs. There will be a telephone consultation and a calculation for the construction and production of your design. After your approval, the construction and the ring will be created in 3D. Further consultation will be made and any necessary adjustments will be made. As soon as you like the model and approve it, the ring will be made for you. You will soon have the jewel of your dreams in your hands.

Adaptation of existing designs

If you have seen a frame that you like, but it does not yet meet your expectations 100% or you have any requests for changes to the material, surface or size, you can contact our team of experts at any time. For example, the prongs of yellow gold rings are often made of white gold so that the yellowish tone of the gold is not reflected in the white diamond and distorts the color. In many cases these are only minor changes, so you just tell us what you want and we will make it happen. Please note, however, that adjustments to the design may delay the delivery time slightly. If you make minor changes, you can simply enter your wishes in the message field during checkout. As a rule, these small changes are also at no additional cost. If these results in a major effort that we then have to pass on, we will of course contact you in advance.

Reworking your jewelry

Service is very important at Yorxs. Have you inherited a piece of jewelry or just don't like a design as much as you used to? No problem. Yorxs also offers you to rework your private jewelry. With our goldsmiths, who also specialize in repairing and reworking antique pieces of jewelry, we can promise you the highest quality in implementation and design. Our team of experts will be happy to advise you and help you fulfill your wishes.

Jewelery with colored diamonds

Colored diamonds are valuable, unique and beautiful. We would also be happy to offer you the opportunity to have these set in one of our settings or in a piece of jewelry designed by you. Choose your colored diamond in the diamond search and a ring or pendant in our ring gallery. Once you have found your diamond and a ring setting, contact our team of experts. We will be happy to advise you and put the order together manually here in-house and send it to you. If you have not found a suitable setting in the ring gallery or would like a modification to a ring setting, please let one of our employees know this.