Colored diamonds

Colored diamonds

Colored diamonds, also called “fancy colored diamonds”, are true treasures of nature. They sparkle in a wide variety of nuances and are unique to the senses. They are available for almost every budget and are particularly valued for the intensity and distribution of their color. The natural occurrence of colored diamonds is becoming increasingly rare. That is why the prices for colored diamonds have risen steadily in the past.

What should you pay attention to when buying colored diamonds?

Colored diamonds have different factors than colorless diamonds.

Find out here what you should pay attention to when buying.

The optimal setting for your colored diamond

If you would like to have your colored diamond set, you can do this as a custom order at Yorxs. It should be noted that the precious metal supports and highlights the natural color of the diamond. For example, it makes sense to choose a yellow gold setting for slightly yellow diamonds. For more intense yellow tones, it is advisable to choose a different precious metal, as the contrast between the stone and the precious metal is particularly effective.


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