Diamonds as an investment

The diamond, its name is of Greek origin, adamas and is considered invincible. The hardest mineral in the world, with Mohs hardness 10 on the 10-point hardness scale. Due to their rarity, quality and lasting value, diamonds are also a perfect investment to secure assets. Find out here how diamonds represent a sensible investment for you. And what you should pay attention to when buying a diamond as a pure investment. The diamond can also be used as an investment in a piece of jewelry.

What diamonds

Colored or white, brilliant or baguette, five carats or half a carat - ten criteria and other characteristics make every diamond unique. However, not everyone is recommended as an investment. Find out which diamonds are suitable.

What should you pay attention to?

Diamonds are an investment class that follows its own rules and laws. It is therefore important to inform yourself before purchasing. Find out how to buy diamonds cheaply and what you should consider when buying diamonds as an investment.

Price development

Consistency and durability - values ​​that not only represent the diamond itself, but also describe its price development just as well.

Find out more about the price development of diamonds and the factors that influence the trend here.

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