White gold

White gold

White gold is a gold alloy. Palladium and silver, which have a discoloring effect, are added to the pure, originally yellow-colored gold. In this way, on the one hand, the elegant, silvery shimmering color typical of white gold is created, and on the other hand, the material properties such as hardness and design options are improved.

Unlike silver, which has a similar color, white gold does not oxidize. For a radiant white tone, white gold jewelry is usually rhodium-plated. The silvery-gray shimmer complements colorless diamonds just as perfectly as platinum, because it brings out the natural radiance and play of colors of the stones particularly well. Nevertheless, it is cheaper in price.

The story of white gold

Although gold has been used since time immemorial, the history of white gold is young. The alloy was only developed in 1912/13 as a cheaper alternative to platinum. Today the material is the most popular metal for engagement rings.

White gold at Yorxs

Yorxs offers you jewelry in the two highest qualities of white gold. Each white gold piece of jewelry is additionally rhodium-plated to create a whiter and more scratch-resistant surface. If desired, this step can be omitted. You can also choose between the surfaces “ polished ”, “ matt ” and “ black rhodium-plated ”.

White gold - the silvery, shiny precious metal

Silver-colored white gold is a gold alloy that gets its distinctive color with the addition of palladium and/or silver. According to EU regulations, nickel is no longer added because it can cause allergies. Depending on the gold content, there are different carat numbers: 24 carats correspond to a pure gold content of 100%. The 585 white gold has a pure gold content of 58.5% and corresponds to 14 carats (0.585*24).

585 white gold 14 K

585 white gold consists of 58.5% pure gold and 41.5% a palladium-silver mixture (which can also contain nickel). Due to the high degree of hardness of the alloy, the piece of jewelry remains scratch-free for a long time. A rhodium coating creates a shiny white surface, which gives the piece of jewelry a particularly elegant look. Due to the lower gold content, 14 carat white gold is cheaper than 18 carat.

750 white gold 18 K

18k white gold

is the most popular material for diamond jewelry. The alloy is 75% gold and 25% a mixture that may contain silver, palladium and nickel. Due to the high proportion of pure gold, the material is softer than 14 carat white gold and therefore acquires a velvety patina over a long period of time.

Find your diamond jewelry in white gold

Custom made: In combination with yellow gold

Yorxs offers you the option to choose a combination setting of yellow and white gold. In this special model, a white gold setting is attached to the ring head on a yellow gold ring band.

This combination is particularly popular because the white gold setting does not produce any color reflections in the diamond. As a rule, the prong setting is chosen for this combination, but it is also possible with the frame setting.

Custom made

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