Care & Storage

Care & Storage

The right care

A diamond is a symbol of immortality. But so that it doesn't lose its brilliance and fire, it is important to care for it and keep it free of dirt. A clean diamond can reflect light better and therefore appears larger and brighter.

Avoid contact with:

  • creams and lotions
  • powder
  • Hairspray & Deodorants
  • Alcohol-containing cosmetics & perfumes
  • nail polish
  • suncream
  • Any cleaning products
  • cotton wool

Do not wear jewelry during:

  • Sauna visit
  • Swimming pool visit
  • Beach and sea stay
  • Sunbathing
  • Bathing and showering
  • Sports
  • Cleaning
  • Gardening

Storing your diamonds & jewelry

Every loose diamond purchased from Yorxs is shipped with a special storage box. This protects your diamond from dust, other contamination and damage. The high-quality Yorxs jewelry boxes are ideal for storing your diamond jewelry. The caskets are lined with silk and allow storage in a dark and cool place.

In general, you should store diamonds or pieces of jewelry separately from each other if possible. This will avoid possible scratches. In addition, cotton wool is not suitable as padding for jewelry because it accelerates the tarnishing of the materials. Also make sure to store your jewelry in dark and cool places to avoid brittleness. Open jewelry stands or holders are therefore not recommended.

Cleaning your diamond & diamond jewelry

Of course, it is inevitable that your piece of jewelry will come into contact with dirt. Therefore, Yorxs recommends cleaning your jewelry regularly. The following applies: the more often the piece of jewelry is worn, the more often it should be cleaned. For cleaning you can use specially designed products or glass cleaners and dishwashing liquids. With a soft toothbrush you can get into hard-to-reach places. You also have the option of having your jewelry professionally cared for. This usually involves cleaning the piece of jewelry and checking whether the diamond is firmly seated in its setting.

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