Secure payment at Yorxs

Yorxs attaches great importance to ensuring that your shopping experience is easy and safe. Choose from a variety of payment options such as credit card, advance payment, instant transfer or installment purchase. For your security, all payment pages are SSL encrypted. We do not store payment data such as credit card information.


  • Free buyer protection:

    If an item does not arrive or arrives differently than ordered, you can take advantage of buyer protection free of charge.

  • Easy and fast:

    Once you have set up a Paypal account, all you have to do is log in with your password and email address.

  • Data security:

    You only enter your data once, when you register for Paypal. Afterwards you just have to log in to your Paypal account. Even the seller does not receive any information about your data.

  • TÜV certification:

    Paypal was tested in 2010 according to TÜV criteria. The high standards in terms of information security were confirmed by TÜV and the result has since been a “tested online payment system”.

Credit card

  • Convenient and easy:

    You can easily pay online with Mastercard, Visa or American Express.

  • Security:

    The verification number on the back of your credit card, also known as the CVC or CVV security code, as well as a 3D Secure Code, which is valid for Visa and Mastercard, ensure your security.

Bank transfer (prepayment

  • Absolutely safe:

    No account details or other data will be requested online for payment.

  • Complete control:

    You make the payment yourself in the form of a bank transfer directly to your bank. Through your order to the bank, the invoice amount will be transferred to Yorxs. As soon as the amount has been received by Yorxs, your order will be processed.

  • No limit:

    In contrast to credit card payments, there is no artificial limit with this payment method and any amount can be transferred easily.

  • Tip:

    Please make the transfer as soon as possible after your purchase, as we can only process your order once we have received your payment. Since our diamond inventory, which is located at over 200 wholesalers worldwide, moves very quickly, delayed payment may result in the diamond you selected no longer being available.

Installment purchase

We would be happy to arrange an installment savings agreement with you that is tailored to your individual needs. We fix your diamond according to your choice, if necessary also with the production of your piece of jewelry, with subsequent shipping. Please contact us.