Quality Standard

Highest quality

Ethically safe origin of Yorxs diamonds

Yorxs has one of the strictest quality standards in an international comparison. This applies equally to diamonds as well as to all pieces of jewelry individually made in our Munich manufactory workshop. Only diamonds that have been pre-selected according to demanding quality criteria are offered for sale by Yorxs. In addition, all stones are certified by the two leading international specialist laboratories, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), or the Hooge Raad voor Diamant (HRD). Another important aspect of quality assurance is the Kimberley Process, initiated by the UN in 2000, which is adhered to by Yorxs Sightholder suppliers.

Find out more about certifications and the Kimberley Process.

Yorxs offers around 250,000 diamonds of the best quality

Yorxs only offers you certified white and colored diamonds of the best qualities. Every single stone available at Yorxs is tested and certified by one of the two most internationally recognized independent diamond testing institutes, GIA or HRD. For every diamond you purchase from Yorxs, you will receive the corresponding original certificate, which can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF before purchase.

The current range includes around 250,000 stones. Every diamond in the Yorxs database is marked as available by the sightholder. In terms of cut, clarity, color and certificate, these stones meet the strict Yorxs guidelines. When selecting white diamonds, each stone is colorless, or nearly so, in the color range D - J. The color of stones in this color range ranges from very fine to slightly tinted white.

Color and clarity of diamonds

Another important quality criterion is the purity of the stones. The fewer and smaller natural inclusions a diamond has, the higher quality it is. Yorx's diamonds range in quality from FL (FLAWLESS) to SI2 (SMALL INCUSIONS). The Knowledge section under Purity offers you detailed explanations on the topic of purity and Yorxs' high quality standards for diamonds.

You can find more information about the color grading of white diamonds in the Knowledge section under Color.

A noble stone requires a noble setting

A high-quality diamond only presents itself perfectly when it is in a setting that has been masterfully crafted. For this reason, the setting of the stones - in the Yorxs goldsmith's workshop - is also very important.

Our solitaire jewelry is manufactured exclusively in the in-house goldsmith's master workshop, which is located in the heart of Munich. Every single piece of jewelry is made individually for our customers. According to the templates on our website, or as a custom-made product according to your exquisite wishes. The setting is always adjusted exactly to the size of the diamond. The craftsmanship process creates unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Our Yorxs goldsmith workshop only uses the highest quality materials, in selected designs or designs developed individually with you.

In addition to the use of the highest quality raw materials and careful processing, quality control is an indispensable process step within our production. The diamond, the setting and the finished piece of jewelry are carefully checked for quality by our master craftsmen. Strict quality criteria ensure a piece of jewelry that will accompany the future owner for many years of their life.

Our express jewelry - short delivery time

At Yorxs you can purchase ready-made jewelry in addition to pre-configured and configurable jewelry. The so-called finished jewelry is set with solitaire diamonds or with many small to very small diamonds. Yorxs can also offer you the area of ​​custom-made products . Individual or one-of-a-kind production, sometimes at short notice. Our Yorxs consulting team, Ms. Kirsten Müller (diamondaire, master goldsmith & jeweler) and Mr. Ralf H. Nutt (owner, diamondologist & jeweler) will be happy to advise you in order to develop the desired model together with you. Our in-house Munich goldsmith master workshop will then implement your wishes . This creates unique pieces of jewelry.