Conflict Free Diamonds

Conflict Free Diamonds

Ethically safe origin of Yorxs diamonds

Yorxs has a zero-tolerance policy towards diamonds from conflict zones and strictly observes the Kimberley Process, which is legally implemented in the European Union, among others. Thanks to our select sources of supply, we also guarantee you 100% conflict-free diamonds. Yorxs only trades GIA , HRD and AGS certified diamonds.

Kimberley Process - Conflict Free Diamonds

Surely many of you still have the terrible images from the 1990s in mind. Horrific civil wars raged in Africa. The fighting in Sierra Leone and Liberia was financed through so-called blood diamonds. Rebel groups sold illegal diamonds to finance their war against their own people. In order to stop this development, the UN Security Council first imposed a ban on the export of diamonds from Angola in 1998. This initially failed. It was only in May 2000 that several diamond producing countries met in Kimberley, South Africa, to solve this problem in the long term.

At the beginning of 2003, the Kimberley Process Certification System (KPCS) was implemented. 74 countries, including the European Union (EU), representing all EU countries, are taking part. The process requires all participating countries to undertake far-reaching and comprehensive controls on the import and export of rough diamonds, as well as trade and production controls, to ensure that conflict diamonds remain excluded from legal trade. Since then, only stones that have official certificates of origin from the respective country of origin can be traded.

More than 50 diamond producing countries now follow the guidelines of the Kimberley Process. Due to extensive and strict controls, conflict diamonds no longer come into legal trade. The certification institutes mentioned are particularly careful to ensure that they only certify diamonds that are subject to these guidelines. Our wholesale partners guarantee this compliance and are organized across various platforms in such a way that a trader who is suspected of not adhering to the Kimberly process is immediately excluded from the platform and is no longer allowed to participate in trading.

Diamonds as a positive influence

Diamonds are mined all over the world (e.g. Africa, Russia, Australia and Canada). In Africa in particular, they help ensure that hospitals can be built and infrastructure projects can be implemented. Hundreds of thousands of jobs are created by diamond mining. Another example of the positive influence of the diamond industry is that approximately five million people worldwide have access to medical care thanks to the diamond industry's sales.