The Yorxs philosophy

Through complete transparency, extensive information and a selection of over 150,000 diamonds, we enable each of our customers to choose the perfect diamond. Complemented with the matching, handmade setting, you can put together your unique, absolutely personal and custom-made piece of jewelry for your special occasion.

Yorxs offers you: best prices with the highest quality and personal service!

Our vision - No.1 in Europe!

Until now, the international diamond trade was only accessible to a few wholesalers. End customers, on the other hand, could usually only purchase diamonds through the local jeweler, who in turn purchased their goods through intermediaries. Selection, comparability and price transparency were neither available nor desired with this distribution channel. Yorxs is fundamentally changing this and has set itself the goal of making diamond trading understandable and transparent. We provide you, our customers, with all the information and detailed advice so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

With this vision, we want to become Europe's No. 1 in the field of diamonds and diamond jewelry.

Our philosophy & values:

For us, the following points are integral parts of our company and brand philosophy:

Only certified diamonds

Each diamond is certified by a recognized gemological institute. When you purchase you will receive an independent, internationally valid proof of the quality of your diamond.

Conflict-free stones

Yorxs has a strict zero-tolerance policy towards blood or conflict diamonds. The Kimberley Process guarantees that such stones are not traded at Yorxs.

High quality standards

Our solitaire jewelry is made exclusively in Europe. We have frames manufactured in Germany, Belgium and Italy. The pieces of jewelry are set exclusively by us in Munich.

Perfect service

Free ring size adjustment and custom-made products in collaboration with our goldsmiths speak for our strong service awareness.

Absolutely safe

Insured shipping, buyer-protected payment methods and a right of withdrawal of up to 100 days guarantee you absolute security with your Yorxs purchase.


Advice from our team of experts, be it via chat or telephone, is available from Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. Your inquiries via email ( will be processed promptly.