Our Story

Our history

Founding, development, continuation & future

Yorxs AG was founded by Dr. Joachim Giehl and Casimir Graf Maltzan founded. The demands on this online jeweler were set high because it had to do without high store rents, sales staff costs, capital and security costs for stocked goods and marketing costs, while ensuring the quality of a top international jeweler at prices that were only slightly higher than the international ones Diamond wholesalers lie.

Yorxs AG was founded in mid-2011 and went online for the first time almost a year later. Graf Maltzan, who was responsible for sales at the time, brought the company to the top of German online sales. Yorxs owes Count Maltzan its excellent market position, which continues to this day. Internal, conflicting sensitivities and capitalization on an expensive investment basis drove the company into insolvency, despite a stable order situation.

The jeweler and diamond merchant Ralf H. Nutt bought the Yorxs assets at the beginning of 2020, including all trademark and commercial rights, plus the diamond online trading website out of bankruptcy. Integrated this construct into his successfully existing individual company. An ideal complement to the company's own diamond wholesaler, the jewelry store at Dienerstrasse 12 - in the Dallmayr House - to the goldsmith's jewelry factory and the gemstone setting studio. The long-standing international way of working, linked worldwide with the most important, best and most powerful sightholders. Directly, or in the closed diamond exchange network, with the markets in New York, Antwerp, Hong Kong, Israel, Australia, or Canada. A mix of traditionally grown connections and the latest online market trends. This guarantees healthy growth, with the resulting benefits for our dear customers.

Your trust honors and obliges us at the same time. Our customers pay online in advance. The new secured Yorxs equity structure does not involve any capital risks. An entrepreneur who only withdraws part of his profits after years and prefers to actively work for the benefit of the customer promises you loyalty, solidarity and faithfulness. We pay for all of our diamonds in advance without any credit. We financed our extensive warehouse ourselves. We guarantee with our equity that you will receive your goods properly, with a certified valuable courier service insured by us!

The broad corporate structure, even though we are a small company compared to other countries, guarantees very high, above-average quality at the best prices. What matters is the difference: the better is the enemy of the good!

What makes a certain difference is the special selection of the diamond and the processing in our own Munich workshops. There is always at least one employee behind it who identifies with their work performance.

With best regards, Ralf H. Nutt

The name Yorxs

The name Yorxs is derived from the ancient Greek term “georges” (today also “Georg, York, Yorck”). This term in turn consists of the two words: “Geo”, earth and “Ergo”, which means something like work or farmer. Diamonds were formed over millions of years deep in the earth, in the so-called mantle, under very high pressure and intense heat. They were then transported to the earth's surface by tectonic processes and magma (liquid lava). Diamonds are usually mined in kimberlite vents in opencast mines, but sometimes they are also harvested directly in the field (for example in Namibia). Diamonds are extraordinary - they are not only the hardest material in the world, but also have a special attraction for people due to their unique appearance. They are the most valuable and beautiful thing the earth has to offer. You could also say that they are the most exquisite fruit in the world. The Yorxs founders chose this name to express the “earth connection” of diamonds.