Black diamonds

Black color diamonds

Black diamonds are neither translucent nor do they sparkle strongly. For this reason, they were rarely used for jewelry in the past. In the 90s, black diamonds and gemstones came into fashion. Even today they are an integral part of the fashion scene and are one of the cheaper diamonds. This is partly because they are not as rare as other colored diamonds and partly because demand is relatively low. Black diamonds are often used in jewelry with pavé or micropavé settings. Several black diamonds look particularly glamorous. Black diamonds are becoming increasingly popular in men's jewelry.

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Black color diamonds

Formation of black diamonds and their intensity

Black diamonds are created by the strong pressure on carbon underground. This pressure and high temperature creates a geometric grid. Black diamonds are also called “carbonado” because of the carbon they contain. The black color is caused by the penetration of graphite into the crystal lattice. The black diamonds consist of individual small crystals (polycrystals), which makes them more porous than other fancy colored diamonds. Therefore, cutting black diamonds is relatively difficult. The opacity of the material also means that black diamonds do not come in different intensities.

Overtones in black diamonds

Another special feature of black diamonds is that they do not have overtones. So all black diamonds are always fancy black.

Black diamond locations

Black diamonds are mainly discovered in Central Africa or Brazil. There the fancies are found in their raw state in alluvial deposits. The increasing popularity of black diamonds has led to diamonds being treated using irradiation to artificially create a black color. However, the treated black diamonds are not equivalent to their natural counterparts and must be marked as such in the certificate. Yorxs does not offer treated diamonds.

More colors for diamonds

In addition to the black diamond, there are many other colors such as:

Famous black diamonds

The Black Orlov
The Black Orlov Source:

Black diamonds have not gone unnoticed in earlier times. The best-known example of this is the 67.50 carat Black Orlov. The history of this diamond should be viewed with caution, as some evidence points to a different origin. The Black Orlov is reported to have originated in India. However, there are actually no black diamonds to be found there, and not of this size - in its raw state, the diamond weighed 195 carats. The color black also does not bring good luck in Hinduism, which does not speak in favor of keeping such a find. In the 18th century, the diamond was supposedly owned by the Russian princess Nadia Vygin-Orlov and thus probably got its name. To date, the cushion-shaped black diamond has been exhibited, bought and sold a number of times.

The Spirit of Grisigono
The Spirit of Grisigono Source:

The Spirit of de Grisigono (312.24 carats) is the largest black diamond in the world. It was discovered in a mine in Central Africa, but no further details are known. The rough diamond (587 carats) was purchased from Swiss jeweler Fawaz Gruosi and diamond cutter and black diamond specialist de Grisigono. Grisigono gave the diamond its cut and thus the diamond finally received its name “Spirit of de de Grisigono”. The cut of the diamond is very unusual. It is a so-called Mogul cut. The planning and development of this form took over a year. The Spirit de Grisigono was then integrated into a ring. It forms the main stone of a white gold ring set with 702 white diamonds totaling 36.69 carats.

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