Purple diamonds, from the creation of the colored diamonds to the offer

Purple color diamonds

Natural, pure purple diamonds (without overtones) are extremely rare and typically less than two carats in weight. They are true treasures for collectors and are only used for very elaborate and high-quality pieces of jewelry. Due to its popularity, attempts have often been made to reproduce the color through artificial treatment (e.g. irradiation) of the diamond. However, the results were never convincing. Yorxs only offers untreated, natural diamonds.

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Purple color diamonds

Formation of violet diamonds and their intensity

The purple color in diamonds can arise from two different processes. Purple tones, which tend to be blue-gray, are caused by hydrogen molecules in the carbon lattice. Purple tones with a pink tint are caused by impurities and grainings. The high pressure during the formation of the diamond is responsible for this. Purple diamonds usually only come in light, fancy, intense, vivid and deep.

Overtones in violet diamonds

Purple diamonds can be divided into violet diamonds and purple diamonds. Violet diamonds usually have pink or gray overtones. Purple diamonds, on the other hand, usually contain blue or gray secondary colors. Purple diamonds without any overtones are so rare that it has long been debated whether pure purple diamonds even exist.

Purple diamond locations

Most purple diamonds come from Russia . Violet diamonds, on the other hand, are mostly discovered in the Argyle mine in Australia. With the Argyle mine expected to close in 2018, experts fear a further decline in purple diamond discoveries.

Famous red diamonds

The Royal Purple Heart
The Royal Purple Heart Source: famousdiamonds.tripod.com

This Fancy Vivid Purple diamond weighs 7.34 carats , making it the largest diamond of this color. It comes from Russia and has a perfect heart cut. It was cut by Julius Klein Diamond Corporation. The diamond got its name “The Royal Purple Heart” because of its color and shape. Unfortunately, no information is known about the current owner or whereabouts of the diamond.

The Purple Star
The Purple Star Source: famousdiamonds.tripod.com

The Supreme Purple Star appeared in London in 2002. The diamond weighs between two and five carats. The stone has not been officially certified and therefore there is no exact information about the weight or color. Its color spectrum, depending on the incidence of light, ranges from a strong purple to a clear, violet red. This change in color is completely unique and cannot yet be explained scientifically.

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