Green diamonds

Green color diamonds

Pure, natural green color diamonds are extremely rare. They are “treasures of nature” in the truest sense. The strong green color has many positive values ​​and symbolizes harmony, strength, freshness and fertility. This is certainly one of the reasons why jewelry with green diamonds is extremely popular. The coloring is often limited to the surface, which is removed by grinding the diamond. For this reason, when it comes to diamonds with a green color, we try to take as little as possible from the rough diamond. Compared to other fancy colored diamonds, it is very difficult to judge whether there has been any artificial treatment to intensify the color. Green diamonds are therefore always examined particularly closely by gemological institutes.

Green color diamonds

Formation of green diamonds and their intensity

The exact reason for the creation of the green color in fancy colored diamonds is not yet fully explained. One of the main causes is natural nuclear radiation to which the diamond was exposed during its growth phase. The diamond absorbs magenta light, which gives the stone its green color. The green tones can range from “faint green”, a slight greenish shimmer, to “fancy deep”, a deep green color.

Overtones in green diamonds

In addition to the intensity, the overtones also have a decisive influence on what the green tone ultimately looks like. A pure green is the rarest and therefore the most valuable. However, overtones can result in very special hues and ensure that each green diamond is truly unique. Common overtones in green diamonds include yellow, blue, brown and gray.

Famous green diamonds

The green Dresden
The green Dresden Source:

At approximately 41 carats, the “Green Dresden” is the largest cut natural green diamond. The rough diamond (119.5 carats) was probably discovered in India. In 1742 August III, Elector of Saxony, acquired it and brought it to Dresden. Today the flawless diamond is kept in the Green Vault (in Dresden), the most comprehensive baroque jewelry chamber in Europe. Its name was derived from the color and storage location.

The Ocean Dream
The Ocean Dream Source:

The “Ocean Dream” (5.51 carats) was discovered in Central Africa and is one of the rarest stones in the world due to its color. GIA certified this stone as Fancy Vivid Blue-Green. In addition, the institute confirmed that the color is the result of natural radioactive radiation during the creation process. In 2003, the diamond was presented as part of the Smithsonian Institute's “Splendor of Diamonds” exhibition.

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