Yellow Diamonds – History, Locations, Famous Stones & Where to Buy

Yellow Diamonds – History, Locations, Famous Stones & Where to Buy

Whether as the main stone of a ring or in a necklace - the yellow diamond always looks good. A yellow diamond engagement ring is special and unique, just like its wearer. Brown diamonds , followed by yellow diamonds, are the most common colored diamonds. Therefore, they are cheaper than other colored diamonds. So it is not surprising that yellow diamonds also represent a good introduction to the world of colored diamonds.

yellow diamonds

Formation of yellow diamonds and their intensity

The yellow color is caused by the inclusion of nitrogen atoms in the carbon crystal lattice of the diamond. Isolated nitrogen causes strong absorption of violet and blue light. This results in the yellow color of the diamond, which gemologists call “cape lines”. Depending on the amount of nitrogen penetrating, the color intensity varies. Yellow diamonds with a strong and intense color are called "Canaries" or "Canary Yellow". Intense colors (“intense”, “vivid”, etc.) are particularly rare and very valuable.

Vivid yellow diamond

Overtones in yellow diamonds

Green and orange are common overtones in yellow diamonds. A brown overtone, on the other hand, is less common. Pure yellow stones without overtones are often preferred. However, it should be noted that overtones can lead to fantastic colors and, above all, are very individual.

yellow diamond

Yellow diamond locations

Today yellow diamonds are found in a wide variety of mines. The so-called “Cape diamonds”, which owe their name to the place where they were found, are very common. At the end of the 19th century, a surprising number of yellow diamonds were found in the Cape Province of South Africa. However, the term “Cape” is no longer used for the geographical place of origin, but only for the special yellow color that is caused by the many nitrogen atoms.

Famous colored diamonds



The Florentine

In 1657, the 137.27-carat diamond was owned by the Medici family in Florence. From there it found its way to the Habsburg crown in the 18th century and was finally made into a brooch. The walnut-sized, sparkling yellow diamond was most recently owned by the Austrian imperial family. He has been missing since the 1920s after falling into the hands of fraudsters.

tiffany diamond


The Tiffany Diamond

The rough diamond, discovered in South Africa in 1878, weighed 287.42 carats and was cut into a 228.54 carat cushion diamond with 90 facets. With its “canary” yellow color and size, the diamond is unique. Charles Lewis Tiffany purchased the rough diamond for $18,000 and commissioned the diamond to be cut. The highlight of his story is his appearance on the neck of Audrey Hepburn in the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

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