Orange diamonds, from creation to sale

Orange diamonds, from creation to sale

A pure orange is probably the rarest form of colored diamonds. Red and green have long been considered a rarity among diamond colors, but this has changed with the discovery of red diamonds in the Argyle mine in Australia. Pure orange diamonds, without any brownish shimmer, are particularly in demand among lovers and collectors. There are even waiting lists for such a diamond. However, overall demand for orange diamonds is lower than for other fancy colored diamonds.

orange diamonds

Formation of orange diamonds

The yellow color is caused by the inclusion of nitrogen atoms in the carbon crystal lattice of the diamond. Isolated nitrogen causes strong absorption of violet and blue light. This results in the yellow color of the diamond, which gemologists call “cape lines”. Depending on the amount of nitrogen penetrating, the color intensity varies. Yellow diamonds with a strong and intense color are called "Canaries" or "Canary Yellow". Intense colors (“intense”, “vivid”, etc.) are particularly rare and very valuable .

Overtones in yellow diamonds

Green and orange are common overtones in yellow diamonds. A brown overtone, on the other hand, is less common. Pure yellow stones without overtones are often preferred. However, it should be noted that overtones can lead to fantastic colors and, above all, are very individual.

Yellow diamond locations

Today yellow diamonds are found in a wide variety of mines. The so-called “Cape diamonds”, which owe their name to the place where they were found, are very common. At the end of the 19th century, a surprising number of yellow diamonds were found in the Cape Province of South Africa. However, the term “Cape” is no longer used for the geographical place of origin, but only for the special yellow color that is caused by the many nitrogen atoms.

Famous colored diamonds

pumpkin diamond


The Pumpkin Diamond

The pumpkin diamond (5.54 carats) probably got its name because of its strong orange color, similar to a pumpkin. It is the largest “fancy vivid” orange diamond in the world and is now valued at over 3 million US dollars. The location is a mine in Central Africa. It was later sold to Ronald Winston, from the “Harry Winston” family. Halle Berry wore the diamond in a ring when she won her Oscar in 2002.



The Orange

This pear-cut diamond is the world's largest orange diamond at 14.82 carats. It is almost four times larger than usual. According to the certification institute GIA, there are hardly any polished orange diamonds that weigh more than three or four carats. In November 2013, the diamond “The Orange” was sold at a Christie's auction for around 23 million euros. At a price of 1.8 million euros per carat, it is the highest price ever paid.

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