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Red color diamonds

Red diamonds are among the rarest fancy colored diamonds in the world. In fact, before these colored diamonds were discovered in the Argyle Mine, they were considered the rarest color. However, this has changed since the discovery. Red diamonds without overtones are particularly exceptional. Red colored diamonds are generally rare, larger red diamonds are almost non-existent. These diamonds are very sought after by lovers and collectors. Demand both as an investment and for jewelry has grown steadily in recent years.

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Red color diamonds

Formation of red diamonds

In red diamonds, similar to pink fancies, various elements and metallic foreign bodies are the reason for the red color. Due to the rarity of red diamonds, the exact cause of their color is not fully understood . It is believed that deformations in the diamond's crystal lattice are the reason.

Overtones in red diamonds

Red diamonds have different overtones, so there are a variety of different shades of red in diamonds. Possible overtones include brown, purple and orange. While all other colored diamonds are further determined by intensity, red diamonds only have one intensity. All red color diamonds are classified as “Fancy Red”.

Red diamond locations

The majority of red diamonds come from the Argyle mine in Australia. But discoveries have also been made in South Africa and Brazil. The Argyle Mine is expected to close at the end of 2019. Prices are also rising continuously due to fears that the number of red diamond discoveries will decline rapidly.

Famous red diamonds

The Moussaieff Red
The Moussaieff Red Source:

The “Moussaieff Red” (5.11 carats) is known as the largest red diamond in the world. It is flawless and impresses with its intense color. The rough diamond (13.90 carats) was cut into a triangular brilliant shape. In 2001 the company Moussaieff Jewelers Ltd bought it. at auction for approximately eight million dollars. In 2003 it was presented at the Smithsonian Museum's “Splendor of Diamonds” exhibition.

The De Young Red
The De Young Red Source:

The “De Young Red” is a 5.03 carat brilliant cut. The crown, the upper part of the diamond, is cut in two different facets. This gives the diamond even more brilliance than an ordinary brilliant cut. The color of the diamond is not pure red, but a combination of red and light brown. That's why it looks more like a semi-precious stone than a diamond.

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