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Why Yorxs is a good alternative to the well-known luxury jewelers?

What is Yorxs?

Yorxs is an online jeweler specializing in diamonds and diamond jewelry. Fast, convenient and with the best price-performance ratio, maximum transparency, a very large selection and intensive advice. The sale of conflict-free diamonds is important to us, which is why we only have certified diamonds on our website at more favorable conditions than the classic jeweler.

Price advantage at Yorxs

Since Yorxs is an online jeweler, many of the brand costs of traditional brand retail are eliminated (e.g. high brand and prestige calculations, capital costs, etc.). We pass this advantage on to our customers. In addition, our business model does not require high margins in the 3-digit range, as is common in traditional retail. Therefore, Yorxs can give you a price advantage of up to 70%.

High quality standards at Yorxs

Yorxs only deals in high-quality GIA & HRD certified diamonds. We have all certificates issued by these neutral, internationally recognized institutes - with a top reputation. This means your certificate is recognized globally. A certificate from an individual jeweler or appraiser, on the other hand, can be questioned much more easily. Only these institutions are systemically important.

Yorxs acts with absolute transparency

Transparency is very important to us. It is important to us not only to tell you the 4Cs, but also to give you information about all diamond criteria. Only if you as a customer know all the diamond properties can you accurately compare diamonds and therefore diamond prices. This service is standard at Yorxs, in contrast to the classic jeweler. At Yorxs you will be served by a diamond dealer!

Yorxs offers excellent service & advice

Yorxs goes beyond that of the large jewelers in many areas.

Our own workshop makes your jewelry wishes!

For example, we offer you a subsequent, free ring size adjustment, and if you don't like it, a free new one, regardless of whether you want to change the design or the precious metal color. Including return shipping via insured courier. We are always happy to help you!

Yorxs offers excellent service & advice

Still wondering: Can you really buy diamonds or diamond jewelry online? Is that safe?

We understand your concerns, but they are unfounded. Since Yorxs only sells GIA & HRD certified diamonds, the quality of the diamond can be easily checked. Our payment systems are encrypted and completely secure.

Shipping is guaranteed to be insured and is also free in Germany.

In the event of damage, we will provide a replacement and the replacement will be provided at our expense, so that you do not have to wait for the insurance company or the courier company to settle the matter.

Admittedly, well-known high street jewelers will offer you a glass of champagne when you shop. We can only help with this when visiting Munich. But you always get a clear price advantage difference and a certain difference in the consulting service!