How is jewelry made? Part 2

From setting to fine polishing: this is how diamond jewelry is made.

If you have already read our first part on how to make jewelry, then you are already good... In our second part we will explain to you what fine work is necessary when setting the diamonds and how the diamond jewelry gets its typical radiant polish.

Don't you know the first part of making jewelry yet? Then please go this way.

1. Devestment, cleaning and cutting

After the casting has solidified, the flask is immediately quenched in cold water. The investment material bursts and the cast tree can be removed. The whole thing is cleaned with water and hydrofluoric acid until the individual castings can be cut off.


2. The finishing touches

The model is not yet perfect. There are small protuberances on the material, which can now be removed using a fine saw before polishing begins.


3. The polish

Mechanical surface processing takes a lot of time. Because the surface at this stage is still rough. Depending on the material and structure of the model, the surface is processed with different and increasingly fine files/sandpaper in order to achieve a particularly high shine at the end with the polish.

polish Yorxs

4. Setting the gemstones

Now it's time to grab the stones! The blacksmith attaches the diamonds or gemstones to the setting. The metal is driven closer to the stone with careful blows so that it sits firmly in the setting. It is very important here that the barreler has a good sense of proportion and strikes sensitively. Otherwise, hitting the diamond's girdle could cause damage.


5. The fine polish

Finally, the jewelry is polished to a high shine on rotating brushes, disks and mandrels using special grinding and polishing pastes. After this process, the processed pieces of jewelry are taken to the electroplating shop for cleaning and degreasing.

Fine polish Yorxs

6. The embossing stamp

Each piece of jewelry is stamped with two stamps: the stamp of origin of the manufacturer or goldsmith and the stamp that confirms the authenticity of the precious metal.

Embossing die Yorxs

7. Electroplating

Electroplating is the last stop for every piece of jewelry before it goes on sale. Here the jewelry is polished again if necessary and then cleaned and degreased using ultrasound. For platinum. This completes the electroplating process for yellow and red gold jewelry, unlike white gold jewelry, which undergoes a special surface refinement. A layer of rhodium is applied, which gives the piece of jewelry an even brighter white.

Electroplating Yorxs

8. Engraving the piece of jewelry

There are different methods to engrave a ring. Yorxs primarily uses diamond engraving. Laser engraving, hand engraving or inlay engraving can also be carried out.

Engraving Yorxs

9. The final inspection before shipping

Every piece of jewelry you order from Yorxs is of course subjected to a final inspection at the end. The final inspection is ultimately a close look at the setting (so that the stone sits well), the surface of the material (that it is free of scratches and polish streaks) and of course the diamond again. The stamp and engraving are checked in the same way. This is done using a special magnifying glass. Finally, the jewelry is cleaned with a microfiber cloth and then placed in the jewelry box in which the piece of jewelry is delivered to you.

final inspection-jewelry-making-Yorxs

How is the diamond set and what gives the jewelry its shiny polish?

If you want to know how the first draft of a piece of jewelry is created and how the model is created on the computer into a casting, then read our second part on the production of diamond jewelry.

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