Diamond investment - an expert answers

We have summarized the most frequently asked questions for you.

We often receive questions about diamonds and investing. Here you will find an overview of the classic questions. Our diamond expert Casimir Graf Maltzan answers them.

Mr. Maltzan, how much of your wealth should you invest in diamonds?

I recommend that you only invest a fraction of your assets. Diamonds make sense as an investment if you have part of your assets that you do not want to invest elsewhere and that you do not need in the long term. Diamonds are ideal for people who want to diversify their assets and invest in different investments.

Are diamonds suitable if you want to invest your money safely and for the long term?

I primarily only recommend investing in diamonds to people who want to split their investments. They are definitely a long-term investment, but should never be the only investment.

Do diamonds really have potential to increase in value?

In the long term, yes. With an investment period of 20 years, a return of 4% is assumed. However, please note that the purchase price must also be correspondingly low. You can only achieve such prices through an online retailer like Yorxs - with low storage costs and low margins. Diamonds that are bought in traditional retail stores are more expensive and would therefore have to be invested for a longer period of time. My tip: The bonded warehouse option is exciting. Because the 19% VAT does not apply here.

It is said that only high-quality diamonds are suitable for investment. What are top diamonds?

That's right. These are diamonds that have excellent values ​​all around. This only affects a fraction of all stones available on the market. These gemstones are correspondingly rare and valuable.

What are the three most important values ​​that a diamond should definitely have as an investment?

The number of carats is not unimportant - I recommend diamonds of 1 carat or more as an investment. The color and purity should have excellent values ​​(color D, purity IF/FL). It is also important to note whether the diamond has a GIA certificate. This is also one of the crucial criteria, because GIA is the most respected, independent institute.

How do I know whether a diamond dealer is reputable and the stone is really good? Is there a seal of approval that a retailer should have?

Of course, it always makes sense to find out more about the company. First check whether the company headquarters is in Germany and whether a customer hotline is available. It is also important that there is buyer protection or protection through a payment provider. So you are on the safe side. We at Yorxs are happy to advise our customers in advance by telephone; a good gut feeling gives the buyer security. To examine the purchased diamond, an independent appraiser can also be involved to look at the stones. In retail, it is advisable to check the diamond directly when you pick it up.

Where is the best place to store an investment diamond?

Ideally in a bank safe deposit box or safe.

Should you also choose diamonds in a piece of jewelry as an investment?

Yes absolutely. This means you can kill two birds with one stone. Especially if it is timeless jewelry, you can sell it again years later. Or you can have the diamond carved and use it as an investment.

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