8 advantages of Yorxs compared to the traditional jeweler

We'll show you why it's worth buying diamond jewelry & diamonds online.

Below we would like to list the advantages that we have over other jewelers as an online jeweler and diamond dealer.

Our advantages in a nutshell:

  • Transparency in price, origin, quality
  • Up to 70% cheaper - with best price guarantee
  • Diamond Price Update
  • Only certified diamonds - Kimberley Process
  • Individuality - putting together your own piece of jewelry
  • Independent expert advice
  • custom made
  • 100 days returns and free ring resizing

In the following article we will go into each point in detail.

1. Transparency in price, origin, quality

At Yorxs, all criteria are on the table. The customer buys absolutely transparently and chooses his diamond not only according to the 4 Cs Cut, Carat, Clarity, Color, but also according to all 10 quality characteristics. Excellent and independent advice on disclosing all diamond criteria brings transparency to a previously very opaque market.

Pricing is also transparent at Yorxs. When the customer chooses a diamond, it is requested directly from the trading platform. By purchasing directly from wholesalers, Yorxs works without any middlemen.

It's all in the certificate: Yorxs only purchases diamonds with GIA, HRD, IGI, AGS certificates. There is specific information about each stone. This means that not only is the question of origin a good one, but the diamond can be resold without further inspection.

2. Up to 70% cheaper - with best price guarantee

  • no middlemen
  • no goods in stock
  • no capital costs
  • no fixed costs due to expensive shop rents and sales staff
  • no increased security costs
  • no leveling of prices for certain qualities

Yorxs prices are up to 70 percent below the usual specialist retail level. How is that possible? On the one hand, this is because there are no middlemen involved, and on the other hand, Yorxs does not have a warehouse. Diamonds and settings are only ordered from 250 different wholesalers after the customer has placed their order. This eliminates the costs of expensive store rentals or sales staff. Yorxs also offers a best price guarantee: If, contrary to expectations, the customer discovers the same diamond from another provider at a cheaper price, Yorxs will beat this price by 1% or a maximum of 50 euros.

3. Diamond Prices Update

We always offer you the latest diamond prices. Our data is automatically updated every two hours. This means we can always offer you the most current prices.

4. Only certified diamonds - Kimberley Process

Yorxs only offers conflict-free and internationally certified stones (GIA, HRD, AGS and IGI). In addition, Yorxs acts in accordance with the Kimberley Process, which has officially come into force in 2003. This complex international monitoring system ensures that only diamonds that have an official certificate of origin are traded. Yorxs offers a stunning selection of over 250,000 certified white and colored diamonds.

5. Individuality - putting together your own piece of jewelry

Yorxs has developed a jewelry configurator so that customers can put together their own personal piece of jewelry without being bound to a specification. This personalized comfort is available from the living room. The customer first selects his diamond(s) from an online catalog of over 150,000 white and 2,000 colored diamonds, which is updated several times a day, and then determines the design, material and surface of the setting.

6. Independent expert advice

In contrast to the classic jeweler, Yorxs has no sales staff and no warehouse that he has to get rid of as quickly as possible. No storage - no pressure - no commission: this enables absolutely independent and detailed expert advice from trained diamond specialists. These include certified gemologists and top goldsmiths with many years of professional experience.

7. Custom orders

Wherever you find individual diamond jewelry, you can also find custom-made items upon request. While you have a limited range of jewelry at your trusted jeweler, at Yorxs you can make every wish come true. Since each jewelry setting is requested individually from the wholesaler, designs that are not offered on the Yorxs website can also be ordered. All the customer has to do is send an email with a photo of the ring, earring or pendant they want to service@yorxs.de and they will receive a suggestion in no time. There is nothing that cannot be realized.

8. 100 days return and free ring resizing

Given a right of withdrawal of 100 days for non-customized jewelry and 14 days for diamonds as well as the Trusted Shops certification, the customer can be sure that YORXS is a trustworthy provider. In addition, every customer has the opportunity to have the size of a ring changed once within 100 days of purchase. Return shipping is insured and free of charge for the customer.

The hook?

There isn't one :-) See for yourself.

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