The perfect engagement ring - 11 tips

How to buy the perfect engagement ring

With our 11 tips for buying an engagement ring, you can make a perfect landing.

Once you have decided to buy an engagement ring, the next challenges are approaching. Which model, which size and more importantly: which diamond?

Researching on the Internet opens up completely new worlds and you can quickly feel overwhelmed. Because with the ring model, not everything is done. It depends on the origin and quality of the diamond. And of course you want it at the best price. We will tell you the 11 most important points that you should definitely pay attention to when it comes to buying an engagement ring.

1. Budget question - how much should an engagement ring cost?

Before you plunge into the agony of choosing ring models, you should determine your budget. There are various guides on this, but no uniformly defined number. The range of various recommendations for the value of an engagement ring ranges from 1 to 3 net monthly salaries. Ultimately, this matter is individual. The most important thing is that you make the most of the best options for your own personal budget.

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