The diamond as a source of healing power

Healing power is also one of the many properties of diamonds

The diamond is certainly one of nature's greatest wonders: it is created when it is transformed from a very soft material, namely black graphite (hardness 1), at temperatures of over 1000°C and a pressure of around 40,000 atmospheres. Not only does it have the highest possible hardness level of 10, but its creation also combines the greatest energy in the smallest space.

It is hardly surprising that diamonds have always been said to have strong (healing) powers and positive influences on the physical and psychological well-being of its wearer. The diamond stands for purity, clarity, strength of character and uninfluenceability. The significance of the divine has been attributed to it since ancient times:

The Greeks saw them as nothing less than the tears of the gods - and the Romans believed that diamonds were shards of shooting stars, which were already considered a symbol of good luck back then. From a medical point of view, they are said to have healing powers for problems with the head, back and limbs; They are even said to have a direct effect against gout. Above all, they protect against depression and jealousy - if that is not a decisive advantage for a happy relationship.

Regardless of whether these attributions are true or not: At Yorxs we not only want to offer you the best quality and excellent service, but also unique pleasure from your individual diamond jewelry. That's why we give every Yorxs ring a second stone at our own expense: the one for the inside of the ring band. There it proves - in addition to our hallmark - that you are wearing a unique item from Yorxs. Above all, it can develop whatever healing effects it contains directly on your skin.

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